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Zhu Guangqian: Talk read (one)
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The book is to read never-failing, be being read also is useless, a lot of books do not have the value that reads. Read the book that does not have value originally more, lose readable the time of a valuable book and energy; Need so careful add an option. Yourself nature won't choose, must advise with commenter and special scholar. I cannot tell you the book that reads surely, I can tell you the book that need not read. The need not read book that I indicate, it is the book that talks about a book, it is the book that the value must not read the 2nd times, walk into a library, although you see 1000 10 thousand paper notebooks, can call truly among them " book " it is difficult still to be afraid on 10 100. What you should read is these 10 100 books only. It is among these books you not only can gain realer knowledge, and the spirit of pursue one's studies of the person that can absorb an university at virtually and method. These book ability shake your heart, excited your reflection. Other resembles " literary outline " , " scientific outline " and the book review on magazine newspapers, cannot offer your benefit from really. You read 1000 10 thousand peotry anthology with its, be inferior to reading " country wind " or " ancient poetry 19 " , you read 1000 with its 10 thousand books that talk about Greek philosophy, those who be inferior to reading a Plato " Utopia " . 

You perhaps should ask my resembling us to the high school student should read some of what book after all ? this problem can be not easy answer. You still remember Beijing about " Beijing signs up for supplement " Ceng Zheng is begged " the youth reads 10 kinds surely " , 10 kinds when as a result some people place lifts are full of geometrical algebra, 10 kinds when some people place lifts are full of " history write down " , " Chinese book " . Originally this is planted the original idea that solicit, demand the standard that does all people with one the individual's standard, be like me to jubilate only take a side, you cannot have rice, it is a kind of wrong opinion completely. The gift of each one, interest, environment, profession is different, how can you decide cure-all like 10 kinds of books, offer what countless youths read the world to feel same interest, produce same effectiveness? 

My specially went investigating public library of a few England, their youth reads it is OK to taste a the most popular book cent is 4 kinds: (1) adventurous novel and travel notes, (2) myth and allegory, (3) biology story, (4) celebrity biography and patriotic novel. The book that represents among them is Fan Erna " 80 days of annulus swim the world is written down " and " marine 20 thousand lis " , of flute blessing " Lu Bang inferiors to be written down adrift " , of big Zhong Ma " 3 swordsman " , of Huo Sang " strange book " and " Dan Gu talks casually about " (Hawthorne: Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales) , of Jin Silai (Kingsiey) " rare candle hero is passed " (Heroes) , the law is Boer " story of birds and beasts " (Fabre: Story Book of Birdsand Brasts) , of Andersen " fairy tale " , of coquettish heart " Naerxun is passed " (Southey: Life of Nelson) , of Fang Long " human story " (Vanloon: The Story of Mankind) and so on. These books are in although abroad is popular, read to Chinese youth, very not appropriate however. Chinese students are an old head on young shoulders largely, talk to learned truth with respect to what like make a great show of being in earnest in middle school times. They -- include you and my nature inside -- like to talk about literature not only, study social issue even, even philosophical problem. This since a kind of aptitude, also cannot ignore, the opinion of my individual also mights as well mention and discuss. Appropriate of 956 years old of the following education develops again understanding, 956 years old former education appropriate develops again imagination. So appropriate reads the students of junior high school more the character of some of imagination, the student of high school just should be read contain the written language that learns truth.
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