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When Yu Ying: Xian forest discharge
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China reads calligraphy traditionally, tell those who have taste the kindliest to not have too Zhu Xi. " Zhu Zi language kind " in have " it is topically those who learn is square " hank and " read calligraphy " two, I hope the reader agrees to spend bit of time to read, enter the world between Chinese old Chinese learning to have very great help certainly to how. Zhu Zi not only advise others by using one's own experience, and since also summing up Xun Zi read produce the expected result of The Book of History, can show the door for us most directly.

We do not think this is old method of China, and new method photograph of the west is compared today fell behind already. I once had compared Zhu Zi to read law and the west is alleged today " explanation learns " similarities and differences, the part that discovers each other are interlinked is very much. "Explanation learns " all sorts of analyses administrative levels, can be in roughly of Zhu Zi " language kind " and " collected works " in search get. ( )

At all times and in all over the world is talked read, roughly nothing more than only essence of life and read extensively two road.

"Only essence of life " it is to point to must leave fundamental time to ancient time is made classically. Ancient time is a lot of more classical, today already cannot everybody all is read. Resemble clear Dai Daizhen, not only article all-round recites 13 classics, and " note " also can carry on the back emerge, only " scanty " remember very much, this kind of effort is impossible already today. Because our ken enlarged countless times, cannot be in centrally a few classics, history above. But if we have annals to study Chinese science, still should choose a few classical, turn over Fu to read, although need not commit to memory and be able to recite, want at least ripe. Close person Yu Jiaxi is in his " 4 libraries abstract is adj " say in foreword collection: "Direct check calls read 100 times, and justice see oneself, solid is perfectly sound proposition. 100 vertical or fail, 3 answer indispensable. " at least in the range that we must consider to undertake study technically in oneself, make such effort. Classic work already was mixed through the ancients roughly today one rearrange of the person, we take a lot of petty gain than the ancients already. Not only Chinese tradition is such, the humanitarian research with modern west is such still also. Chicago university had once upon a time " great ancient codes and records " (GreatBooks) course, also be to want student essence of life ripe a certain number of classical. Latter although a bit flabby, but still somebody advocates con Plato " Utopia " the work of and so on.

The book of con built the base that makes science to us; Had base, we just can expand, this read extensively namely. Read extensively to also must want to have a key, not be to overflow aimless chaos to break up. Contemporary the times that is intellectual explosion, the ancients is alleged " one content does not know, confucianism person shame " , malapropos already. So we must cooperate him major to go the limits of escalate knowledge. Need trains his judgement ability here: What course and oneself major is relevant? Be in relevant in each division, how do we establish the plan that an in proper sequence develops again? Is what book each have again in relevant course to belong to " read surely " a kind? We can consult these problems teacher and friend, also can find clue from inside the composing of modern. This is the special advantage that contemporary university system gives us. The book that read extensively although need not " 3 answer " , but still also want choose its essence person make methodical read, want one word not to offer as a gift at least fine read. After in a way is familiar, ability " read quickly " , " skip " . Zhu Ziceng has said: Read to want to spend Bi Yishu of ability of ten atmolysis power first, the 2nd book uses a flower 78 minutes only kongfu achievable, later more and more save labour, faster and faster also. This is from " 10 eye group " arrive " read rapidly " process, no matter only essence of life and read extensively not to have exception.
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