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Wang Caigui: Potential development and children are read classics (one)
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Wang Caigui is the initiator that Taiwan reads classics motion. Can see from this article he is right a few stands that read classics motion. He has a few main argument: It is education it is a very simple thing, what imagine than us because of the child is clever much, education is children inherent ability mining comes out namely, because this is read,grab as a child via wanting, had jumped over earlier, to 13 years old when mental temperament of the child already finalized the design namely, violated this opportunity, teach even if waste resource. The 2nd, learn to develop other ability via mixing also closely related, include ability of surface of the hearing, vision, Zhu Fang that figure reason to wait a moment, because this is read via the one and only way that also is development child endowment.


About social culture culture, must the life connotation from a person, discuss from one the individual's wisdom namely case. Begin from inside the country, arrive all the time high school, even university, we learn Guo Guowen, no matter be classical Chinese Wen Yi or it is colloquial article, can be gone to by excerption the article in schoolbook, should be the example that we can follow the example of, there can be a paragraph of author introduction normally on the side of the article, we can discover these authors are 3 years old begin to read to 5 years old, 10 years old can make a text, 11 years old or when 12 years old already the name falls all over the sky. Ceng Guofan has an implied meaning " holy sagacious picture is written down " , how does the descendants that teachs him read, he is mentioned in the article avowed has read book does not calculate little, but became an officer later, go to the library of capital palace, the book that just discovers oneself once had read aloud is a be outshone really here. He also slows frowsty: How can be so many book read in the person's lifetime? So he wrote this article, want to teach unborn offspring how to choose a book to read. The time that his self-abasement begins to study is very late, the experience that saw him just discovers, he is from 5 years old when begin to study, 8, a the five classics and Zhu Zi already were read when 9 years old, china's famous classics Shi Zi book is read 13 years old, ceng Guofan thinks 5 years old to begin to study at that time already too late. Hu Kuo wrote when 40 years old " 40 an account in one's own words " , mention in 4 years old before, he reads the article that his him father makes, begin to read aloud ancient books after 4 years old, 6 years old begin to go up private school. We know olden book does not have colloquial article, but he already began to read aloud ancient books when 4 years old however. What is meant by ancient books? Those who point to is the five classics of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) namely. What say when 4 years old actually read, it is recital only, arrive all the time on private school, the teacher just can teach them to read, understand the significance in the book. When Hu Kuo also mentions 9 years old, his meeting on the sly reads classic novel, because there is not caricature at that time, also do not have dynamoelectric toy, so historical novel of < the Three Kingdoms > , 7 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of < 5 justice > , travel notes of < old incomplete > with < Confucianism forest outside history > become at that time the child's recreation. The person that has studied these books knows they are to do not have punctuation mark, also do not have colloquial article explanation, but the child at that time can regard these books as easily however the recreational divert oneself from loneliness or boredom of goof, the undergraduate that this is today is likely also impracticable, hu Kuo is in 9 to 10 years old China classic novel reads aloud entirely, laid the foundation that makes a text later, and also study Chinese book before 13 years old.
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