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The world reads day, a person of academic or artistic distinction talks read
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Lu Xun gentleman has a famous remark: Life literacy is muddleheaded only then. That points to somewhat of course, not be to read talk about literacy. Lu Xun gentleman still has another opinions, object opening book list to the youth namely, do not advocate reading gesticulate to the youth on the problem. But Lu Xun gentleman how also won't today's people leaves expect read aloofer and aloofer, some people won't read a book one year, did not read several years even. To a nation, do not love a book, do not read, is that future become again how? Natural very can care. Arrive greatly nation, small to the individual, also be such, this not character is axiomatic.

The ancients also has a view to reading, "There is gold house oneself in the book, there is Yan Ruyu oneself in the book " affect extensive viewpoint namely. Originally this is the ancients those who persuade children to read is the most mediocre the realest also cause, but we know, the pursuit that has regarded low common as these two words today will look. Regard the purpose that read as implementation loaves and fishes actually, there are plenty of such people of of all ages. Archaic person reads is for imperial examinations, get a scholarly honour and official rank. "10 Zai Han windows are bitter, when autograph of golden a list of names posted up " , this is the joy of the ancients, read had a result. Actually, read and acquire some kind of competence and skill, the profession with good seek, this is the most primary purpose, give no cause for more criticism.

But the one side that reads to still it is not utility, say exactly, it is the need of out spirit.

We these in birth on century the scholar the fifties, be afraid to there ever had been huge on spirit hidebound. Going up is the age of pair of knowledge eagerly when middle and primary school, catch up with unluckily however " culture revolution " , the book was become at a draught it seems that " endowment long " , read to also become extremely difficult. The acquisition of the book should rely on subterranean passageway, a few are the same as search for of ground of good try every means, the book that every gets, meet " resource is shared " . Long for gotten thing to be couldn't get however, get not easily perhaps, the book once in one's hand, meet naturally one hungry is not choosy about his food. Say to be afraid somebody does not believe, " apotheosis historical novel " and " red Lou Meng " , I am read on the hill road that go to school actually. Because be to be strung together each other,changing look, " red Lou Meng " I am 4 to read just a little first, reread the 3rd. And " apotheosis historical novel " , the book breaks fluctuation completely two cut, want one page one page is over to looking together.

because of the book god-given, also do not have a choice so, what reads, the textbook in Laogao, the university teaching material that hopes to see, novel of the popular fiction since bright Qing Dynasty, foreign country, the magazine of 559 time, what reads. My eldest brother is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, have books of a lot of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, not when the book is readable, I also am taken actually be like understand not to know the ground to read go down. I reached a town for the first time 1972, in a red ocean of Xin Huashu inn, see Wang Li actually " archaic Chinese " the essay collect with Lu Xun, it is to feel extremely fancy really, redemptive will read, entered another scope of operation really. My ancient prose a copy kept as a record, say to return even if be hit in those days. Because want,reading, read a book not easily again, together with book is very miscellaneous, read aimless also, without utility. Be being read is a purpose.
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