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3 sexes: Lu Xun is lifetime love read, its method has 3: It is purpose sex, 2 it is flexibility, 3 it is extensive sex.

3 arrive: Zhu Xi puts forward to read due 3 to: The heart arrives, the eye arrives, the mouth arrives.

3: Introduction Gao Shiji says when self-study method: "The thing of study, one see you later is unripe, two see you later are ripe, became a friend 3 times.

3 hearts: World-renowned mathematician Chen Jingrun says, study should have 3 hearts: It is confidence, 2 it is determination, 3 it is perseverance.

More than 3: Ou Yangxiu is heard with the article renown at the world. His experience has more than 3: Read good article more; Practice writing more; Discuss with the friend more.

3 laws: Jian Bai Zanxue reviews classic work has 3 ways: It is read through, 2 it is to be read mainly, 3 it is to make note.

3 kinds academic: Liu Xiang of the Western Han Dynasty says: "Little and academic this world that is like sunrise; Strong and academic, be like meridian light, old and academic, if grasp,illuminate bright.

3 build head: Qihefu of Russian and well-known writer sums up the experience that he creates for a long time to think: The person should have 3 build head, inherent one build head, get the one build head that come from inside the book, get the one build head that come from inside the life.

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