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Glacial heart: Recall read
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Speak of read, my word is much!

I since a few years can are less than after know how to read, begin to read. Not be the business affairs that the mother reads to teach me when 4 years old imprints the country that book house publishs article text book of copy " day, ground, day, month, hill, water, earth, wood " the following those a few, oneself begin to read when 7 years old however " the word says the world general trends, cent is long close surely, close long divide surely... " " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " .

My uncle Mr Yang Zijing needs to us a few cousin tell a paragraph after dinner everyday in those days " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , I listen with pleasure, what " hero of banquet peach garden 3 knots justice, behead yellow towel heroic head make contributions " , really extremely Orphean. But he said half hour, halt next official business that go doing him. I am forced to taking the infinite be concerned about to story later development, in the mother urgent below, tearful go to bed.

After this, I decided to bite a tooth, take " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " come, oneself were read sciolisticly go down, look to understand more more unexpectedly, although word sound is read incorrectly, for instance " triumphant " read aloud " " , " all " read aloud " person " and so on, because I had learned the half part of that word only.

Speak of " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , I read Guan Yu to die for the first time, cried, dropped the book. When the 2nd reread, died to Zhu Geliang, cried again, dropped the book again. Forgetting finally is when to just read whole book " cent is long close surely " ending.

At this moment a few that when I still saw the Chang Fang in a bamboo basket of maternal needlework basket wear at the same time " different of Liao Zhai annals " . Story talking about fast is short story, can take at any time put down, be classical Chinese, this is very helpful to my composition class, ever wrote a composition to go up originally in mine because of my composition teacher approving " Liuzhou strength of character, long Ji Qingcai " sentence. Actually I had not read Liu Zongyuan in those days, with Li He's article, because the composition in those days is,write with classical Chinese only.

Because look " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " arouse my interest to a type of traditional Chinese novel with each chapter headed by a couplet giving the gist of its content, to that narrate " Guan Paimin is turned over " " Shui Hu is passed " admire especially. Content of delineator of the exert oneself in that book, be like Lin Chong -- forest bout of fane of snow mountain of wind teaching a head, looked to make me furious the * that fill a bosom, Wu Song, Lu Zhi is deep wait for a person, have its oneself extremely vivid color, although want collect to become 26 day Gang because of the author 72 ground evil spirit loath ground is written full the amount of 108 people, but I feel to also have person individual character than doing not have " swing Kou Zhi " much stronger.
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