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Na Huaijin: Talk about children wisdom development
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What we should tell today is what about everybody the habit weighs " children is read classics " thing, "Children is read classics " it is the term that everybody negotiates be used to recently, it is children actually read.

No matter say children reads, children is read classics, or it may not be a bad idea of introduction of children China culture, in my view, this times, especially our the Chinese nation this country, in nearly 7, come 80 years this times, the Chinese is heard " read classics " two words, feel disgusted indescribably, consider as restore ancient ways, take retrograde course, perhaps think malapropos, this is a wrong idea. Accordingly, I work this to what everybody popularizes, change a name, be called " children wisdom is developed - - China and western culture introduction " .

Come so, absolve the misunderstanding of each respect on one hand, also build the new culture of an inherit the past and usher in the future for the Chinese nation on the other hand.

Cite actually the word of Confucius, what thing wants " renown " . What cries renown?

It is a theme to the thing, want to clear up first, actually, the children that we advocate reads classics motion, it is a method that endorse, teach a family to agree to read namely, agree to endorse, agree to sing, without anything else. Teach new-laid the child namely, arrive since 0 years old 15, 6 years old between, read, endorse.

Read the content of Song, include a few books with Confucianist of Chinese traditional culture, very elementary Taoist school, include a Buddhist even one fraction is OK also, go up in traditional education nevertheless, it is the book with the Confucianist is a foundation, the Buddhist's book, want a bit bigger reread. The content that endorse, the basic culture that is China not only wants a back, carry the culture of other each country on the back even, if article of English, French, heart is waited a moment. In the past, educational method of the west, no matter Europe, United States also is mixed,China should endorse euqally.

Everybody can be met feel very eccentric, think to be in this times, how to teach dot to endorse even?

Average person does not understand, this is the basic education method that the Chinese already lost, also can say, hesperian also forgot. The mankind teachs a method primitively, have only, it is recital. Read Chinese book especially, should read aloud loudly more.

Read aloud loudly, what reason is there? This implication is very much, recite much, know the phonology of utterance and character naturally. Exchange a word, also know character and language between the knowledge of phoneticize. Without giving thought to Chinese, foreign language, read aloud loudly, realize slowly go in, etc grown, after phonology understood, the knowledge in the future is extensive, if learns foreign language, without giving thought to article of English, French, heart, can realize the spelling of phonic musical sound completely, learn to be met. In Chinese ancient time, this is a common educational law, everybody meets. But after this century China begins to accept western culture, to the education of children, or else adopts reading, recital method, and stress knowledge engraft with understanding. Because be in,this is 19 centuries evening, 20 centuries are earlier, state religion sufferring the United States Home Yo " Dewey " the influence of the thought. The influence goes to the United States later, tell on education " pragmatical " , the view is taught even if live, overthrowing their place to think the ancients is recited is this kind of system that reads dead book. Think to recite, recital is spoon-fed like give or take an injection, resemble feeding a duck hard again go in, meet a person feed a bosom only. So centenary come, the education of western school is adopted east relatively the means of indulge children, do not need recital. Ask he is known only, will inspire his brains, develop his wisdom. Be in China especially " May 4th movement of 1919 " this phase, suffer the effect of western culture, overthrew the ancient books that reads China thoroughly, accept new education, changed a few schoolbook. Past is to read " university " , " middle " , " the analects of confucius " , " filial piety classics " , " 3 words classics " , " 1000 words article " , become those who read is " small meow, the doggie cries, termed begins, termed begins, the teacher is early, the teacher is good " , this is to learn a language, do not have culture, all the time continue to use arrives now, this kind teachs the abuses that methodological place causes, damage is very big. So the Chinese of this generation, become without culture basis.
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