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Cling to gold: The hour endorses have profit
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Somebody wants me to tell him the characteristic of novel and essay. Also somebody hopes I can show an essay is what thing after all. I cannot satisfy their requirement, because I am told really,do not come out. I say lie here undesignedly, also not be beyond the mark modesty. 30 year come my altogether published 20 this prosaic collect. Collect of my the first essay " sea travel notes " still write what write before the first novel in me. I still am writing similar prosaic thing recently. How can be I told piece " essay " characteristic? Speak out actually, reason is very simple also: I write an article, because have,the word should say. I to magazine submit a piece of writing for publication, never also have an edition first examine orally I am one, see me whether know literature. I say this paragraph of word, be not run bronco, joking. I want to show an issue only: A person must have a word to want to say first, just think of to write an article; A person should talk to the person, he wants to say the word pleasantly certainly, say well, let a family believe him. Everybody talks to his methodological harmony is moved, write the article that come out also won't just the same. The person is vivid, the form of the article is so stylistic perhaps can not confine living person. When I write an article, did not think of me beforehand this article ought to have what kind of characteristic, what I think is I want to say some of what word in the article only, and how to say those words clearly.

I a moment ago had said this coming loose to I published 20 collected works. Actually this 20 is thin originally small little book, and inside what article has. Have feature, have essay, have travel notes, have epistolary, have impressions, have memory, communication reports ?? anyhow, poetry of if it were not for, do not have whole story again, never also draw up what character, not be to send eristic preach technically to manage more, however not quite as dry as a chip, and still have little feeling, like such article I am called " essay " . Perhaps somebody thinks to call a law to appear to make prosaic range too big so. Actually I felt to narrow it. The view with European move, besides poesy it is an essay, connect novel to also be included. 4 when Huoputeman of writer of a Germany buys before long before me this " prosaic collect " , what close inside is long short story completely. And for the experience that takes my individual, wear the hat that combines form not quite easily also to each article occasionally, the clique decides it to be " novel " or " essay " . For example my " short story anthology " inside have " outside useless garden " , do not pass 8929 words. The person that compose has taken an useless garden, remember several days ago enemy plane bomb bright, the thing of girl of a boudoir of scamper dead home. When I write it, I regard it as " essay " . I receive it in however later " short story anthology " in, I still am in " foreword " on say: "Take emotional appeal for, it is close to a short story. " (actually how " adjacent " , myself also says not to come out. Nevertheless I also had been read any better piece Euramerican or a kind of this when Japanese writer writes short story that does not have a story. Outside Japanese dark gull " silent tower " [interpret of Lu Xun] is compared " outside useless garden " more unlike novel) but I edit later " collected works " , " outside useless garden " put into " prosaic collect " inside. Be like my 1952 again year came back to write to be called from Korea " firm soldier " article. What I write is " actual person and event " , but I regard it as,the novel was published. Later " hero of people who volunteer to fight in another country is passed " a comrade of editorial office looks for this article go off with obtain " firm soldier " Comrade Zhang Weiliang of the title studied carefully one time. Comrade Zhang Weiliang raised a few opinions. My opinion according to him me that article changes more accord with a fact. The article closes in later " hero of people who volunteer to fight in another country is passed " inside, comrade Xu Chi was made up last year " close-up abdicate chooses it again went in. The novel became feature. Say admittedly " firm soldier " for " close-up " very proper also, but if I still call it to do " short story " , also cannot saying is a mistake. Russia writer wave lists Fu Yi a lot of " close-up " can call a short story. Still have, my short story " my tear " , if make up it into " prosaic collect " , more appropriate perhaps, because of it more resemble an essay.
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