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Liang Qichao: Talk of the North sea is written down (excerpt)
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(the summer at the beginning of 1927)

Watch present school instead, become the mechanical action of a complete set of more, attend class finish class, be troubled by dizzily. Take the person of the school

Most besides it is a purpose in order to get diploma beyond, do not have so-called will more, also do the thing by without the opportunity. Have keep in mind

Youths, although do not flow at this kind of phenomenon, also have no way jumps out outside decoy, transform educational requirement then, one day compares a day

Pressing. I come to Tsinghua school two this years become a professor, have me of course quite aspiration and those who come, I want to be in quite this new machine

Close in, ginseng combining old drive. Of I ideal too difficult perhaps, come true not easily, I want to Chinese Confucianist art

accomplishment will make a copy kept as a record, and reflect him on school homework come out. In the faction that differs individually in departed Confucianist, allow

Do that one is possible, the accomplishment that should have this kind always nevertheless comes sketch, oneself lay the foundation that be an upright person first decided.

I believes to assume the foundation that is an upright person without this kind, that end does knowledge to be not what do for oneself. As to knowledge on one hand, admittedly

Want to study with scientific method, and what I hope, it is science not only apply at curious knowledge, use even make case of people on one's own side

Cultural tool. How is this word told? When should studying an issue for example, manner should how faithful, the job should how

Patient, how should opinion become independent, arrange an organization to answer how be in harmony manages and close... every this and so on, beg knowledge at the same time

Ascertain, beg the accomplishment of art at the same time, both become one with. Show the school of the world, perfect man slants in knowledge on one hand, and old

The gentleman slants completely again in accomplishment at the same time, unavoidable the aerospace that break. Want consider so at both between. What I hope most is

When begging knowledge, did not forget the means that I become knowledge this kind, can be cultural tool;

And be in at the same time accomplishment when, the sky that also is not the sit in meditation that join deep meditation is cultural, if king Yang Ming is alleged,should go up in the thing training. In

The training on the thing, not be when gave the school to enter social ability to execute, because the school is a society originally, divide square

Outside what just saying to make training tool with scientific method, be like the method that gets along between the friend, and even everything answers the thing receives thing, he Yi is not

Our emphatic opportunity. I very the test site that infatuation considers a Tsinghua to do this kind of ideal, but the course that takes this two years looks,
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