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Qian Gechuan: Curious should rely on consciousness
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Human knowledge is inputted from the eye mostly, hear the thing that come with ear, finite after all, the person that alleged ear is fed sheds gains knowledge, nothing more than it is a few gossip, student pursue one's studies, want to listen admittedly, but more important still is to be being read. Some students throughout the year does not go to attend a lecture in British university, they also let such in the school, and think they are outstanding students more, the exam rises to be compared as expected go everyday the student achievement of attend a lecture is even good, because be read frequently,excel listen frequently, renown division is tuitional, the classmate is shared, only self-educated, just be one person is gotten alone.

Old learned man of Gu Jin does not have what read not frequently, wall of bursa firebug authentic, than us present one lamp is like a beans, return otherwise to go to the lavatory more, but knowledge must come so namely. Su Dongpo says: "Read defeat 10 thousand to open a mind oneself " , visible knowledge is not difficult, reading more only, you if very diligent, inevitable meeting is successful, browse accidentally even, also with respect to open a book to read beneficial.

But have rarely now,the person is taking book on the hand. All day eventually night, do not leave the person of table-board, I ever had seen, forget food and sleep, the person of very diligent, have not encounter however. Average person buys a book, take adornment mostly, display forever go up in the bookshelf, take rarely in one's hand in will read. These books want them to read, the condition is very much, the first have bright window is only a few, must have at leisure next, get intentional feeling again; The place is bad to cannot read, time cannot not read, mood adventitious also cannot read. Lazy student still has the ragged verse of a try to explain things away when been laughed at: Spring coming is not to read day, summer sorching is very good Mian, autumn much snow of much mosquito winter, of one mind gets next year.

Broad childe had bright window clean a few, have a plenty of at leisure again; But still cannot read, because he does not have the sort of mood. Poor boy papers a mouth at charge for the making of sth. all day, also read without time. The soldier busies fight, the businessman busies make money, politician busies social intercourse, the man busies work, the woman busies conversation, the teenager busies search happy, the old person busies nostalgic, even idler also busies shop, or sit cafes, or add trouble to, it seems that everybody cannot read. Actually, they are not to cannot read, is not to read only. Should read everybody can be read, accept any restriction anything but, the condition that read, with respect to the habit that reads in nurturance, full line of the others neither.

General and factitious the test of rigorous living conditions is, not sufficient when go reading, this also is real case. Beyond the wealthy person that has idle class besides minority, who is unavoidable should be fame and gain, or be back and belly at least and run all day busy, if must when solved life problem, stay at home idle is faineant, read leisurely next again, this as good as waits for the Qing Dynasty of the river, can say not to have this opportunity forever, because the person's desire is boundless, when life problem, in the commoners thick feed under when can be being solved, he thinks of cate warm clothes again, embroider of vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes door, even had have ample food and clothing, china house fertile land, he still does not agree to stop. Alleged when the river rises the boat goes up too, since the standard of the life has at any time change, this problem also can never be solved. I think to want to read to be able to await the sort of notting have anything but
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