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Zheng Zhenduo: Open a book is good
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Be a bookworm can be become bookish, the person that become doctrinairism, also may make 4 system not diligent, the waste material that food crops does not distribute. The person that so be apt to reads, must in thorough society life, in thorough fight life, gain vivid knowledge, make oneself become the useful, beneficial person of erudite and informed. But sheet handles affairs by experience, also have dangerous place, flow easily at complacent and conservative, easy sink subjectivism. Had the person of rich fight experience, plus the accomplishment that has theory, well-read, absorb the more extensive, more complex knowledge of Gu Jin's person, that end, to numerous subtled general affairs can deal with with ease.

Read more, often read, always have profit. Need not " very diligent " , but cannot " eye does not peep a book " . Archaism cloud: "Open a book is good " . This yes really truly if. Often be absolutely early ground rises, auroral Gang Gong, morning dew is not rare, the air in the courtyard, qing Dynasty is extremely bright, 9 books break up to look in the study, can have some of reason or gain some of knowledge that gains not easily. For example, one day early in the morning, break up accidentally break up " case sends a series of books " this Han Yingshao writes " custom is connected justice " (roll 6) , see " batch " 2 words. Ying Shao say: Press this sincerely recent happy home place is made, who to know also. Approve with the hand, because think renown. Grow 3 foot 5 inches, the five elements of person of law heaven and earth. 4 bowstring, elephantine the four seasons. The lute that what this says obviously is now. We always think the lute is one of ab extra musical instrument, and arrived it seems that Tang Chaocai has. Think less than is in the Eastern Han Dynasty when had had, and the word is made " batch " . Although this a words, in reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects, resemble " books is compositive " , also had cited, but always do not have that end that reads in Ying Shao original book to feel kind it seems that have taste. Resemble again, little when read poem of Su Man different, have " feet of head of building of rain during springtime 8 desolate " sentence, always think " feet 8 " the Xiao Ming that is Japan. Really, japanese still loves to blow to today " feet 8 " . Ming Yangsheng is read to hut after (careful) textual research, just know " feet 8 " the archaic Guan Lezhi that is China one, did not cross unborn be lost just. We " the ceremony is broken and beg Zhu Ye " the thing does not know how to many have. Search well in book at the same time, well delibrate, one side still can be in friendly neighbouring country, get many vivid data. Science studies today, it is to have truly " advantaged " feeling. Be afraid that you are not diligent only; But want diligent the knowledge that cannot not succeed.

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