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46 class write guidance: How to convey complex idea with brief simple sentence
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Although the standards of grading that should try a composition describes a language to differ, but can divide for content, organization and language 3 respects, if be practical writing, see language region ( basically show the language is used even whether to accord with circumstance ) and format. New the standards of grading that 4 class write a composition also cannot break away from above 3 big fields: Content expands according to thematic outline can; Organization besides should notice paragraph with Duan Zhi between coherent with join besides, even special attention examinee is the easiest of oversight sentence with sentence the logic between; What rise the hardest is a language, use the complexity of the rich sex of the word and sentence namely. Should take new 4 class compose high component, must go up in the language somewhat improvement, the language is the form of a heart that does not confuse the past, so the road that the language breaks through, be in after all He Fang? Answer: Brief simple sentence.

This is the sets out actually to go out answer from extensive candidate for an entrance examination. Because learned very old English, major candidate for an entrance examination still can draw up of something, most at least can draw up a few brief simple sentence of English. Brief simple sentence includes ) of S+V( subject-predicate sentence, s+V+O( advocate call guest ) , S+V+O+O( advocate call Bin Bin ) , s+V+O+C( advocate call Bin Bin filling ) , S+V+C( advocate the ) that fasten a watch, evolve by these brief simple sentence and a few more complex sentence all without exception comes.

Write complex thought with brief simple sentence

Learned so old English, why to return the sentence that cannot have drawn up? The reason depends on thinking too complexly. We are OK the Chinese idea that will convey, say simple sentence entirely, and brief simple sentence, examinee is when writing can the palm accuses. Try brief simple sentence again later embellish, combination, made become more proficient in one's profession, capture to be divided high.

Write this word for example: The undergraduate just graduates to think the job that finds high pay immediately is impossible. See such Chinese sentence, general our reaction is to should use It is impossible for sb. to do sth.. such sentence pattern, wanting to go to next li of compose a poem to a given tune of ci: Fill in the position of Sb. on " the undergraduate that just graduates " , fill in the position of indeterminate form on " the job that finds high pay " , following place show:

The undergraduate To that It is impossible for just graduates finds the working . of high pay

So " the undergraduate that just graduates " how to write? Seem to cannot find to express inside English " just graduate " the adjective is put in front of the undergraduate, be about to use attributive subordinate clause so, write into College students who have just graduated, if Graduated won't be written, write into Left first; How to write next " of high pay " , there also are a such adjectives inside English before be put in Jobs, use attributive subordinate clause so, write into To find jobs which can give them a lot of money. This such sentences will write into: It is impossible for college students who have just graduated to find jobs which can give them a lot of money. puts two attributive subordinate clause inside this sentence pattern so, it is too easy really erred. Actually, the undergraduate that just graduates can write into: Newly-graduated students, and the job of high pay can be written into Well-paying jobs, to put in these two phrase, become: It is impossible for newly-graduated students to find well-paying jobs, with the attributive subordinate clause above photograph comparing can gain higher mark. Do not cross we should like to ask, can you draw up of these two phrase a few people are there?
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