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English 46 class exam is compound type dictate problem fors reference skill
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对考生应考而言,要注意合理利用这三遍录音:听读第一遍时,听为主、记为辅,着重整体的理解。考生可以在听的 同时,顺便填写有把握的单词和做些笔记。这时的重点是借助文字材料,理解和把握全篇内容和脉络。第二遍时,记为 主、听为辅。考生应抓紧时间,写下言简意赅的笔记。第三遍时,着重细节,目的在于查漏补缺。复合式听写最能通过练习而见成效。


  1. 36至43每题为0.5分。拼写完全正确的单词给0.5分,凡有错不给分,大小写错误忽略不计;

  2. 44—46满分为2分,答出第一和第二部分内容且语言正确各得1分;


  1. 44至46题中有语言错误扣0.5分,每题语言错误扣分不超过0.5分,凡不得分部分如有语言错误不再重复扣分;

  2. 44至46题中凡有与问题无关的内容扣0.5分。

  3. 44至46题中如出现明显属于笔误造成的拼写错误和大小写、标点符号错误,不扣分;

  4. 用汉语回答问题不给分。



  The human body is a remarkable food processor. As an adult, you may consume(S1)_____a ton of food per year and still not gain or lose a pound of body weight. You are (S2)_____harnessing and consuming energy though the intricate (S3)_____of your body in order to remain in energy balance. To (S4)_____a given body weight , your energy input must balance your energy output . However, sometimes the(S5)__ __energy balance is upset, and your(S6)____body weight will either fall or (S7)_____.

  The term body image refers to the mental image we have of our own physical appearance , and (S8)_______________________________________________.

  Research has revealed that about 40 percent of adult men and 55 percent of adult women are dissatisfied with their current body weight.(S9  _________________________________________________.At the college level, a study found that 85 percent of both male and female first-year students desired to change their body weight.(S10)____________ ______________________________________.
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