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7 kinds of keywords that the examinee in exam of 4 class audition should notice
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Of the point that what the brief conversation of part of audition of 4 class exam, long dialog and essay audition make an on-the-spot investigation actually is pair of audition material and information hold. What is the news that should be understood and writes down, should hold ton change and 7 kinds of keywords in essay, KEY WORD, it is to check a place commonly from the back, speak especially part, want to learn to listen to minor term .

One, turn sex vocabulary: A lot of meaning emphasized producing 180 degrees of turning BUT turns to inscribe on classroom, want to learn to listen to BUT, return have Yet, however, though, whereas, unfortunately, unexpectedly, instead, rather than, other than, to be frank, frankly speaking, to tell you&#3

2, logistic kind of vocabulary: Because,be so not only and this kind word, the Because, because of, for, as, due to, owing to, in that, now that, according to, that expresses a reason expresses the Therefor, so, as a result, consequently, eventually, of the result to express the Apart from, in addition, furthermore, what's more, moreover,etc. that go forward one by one

3, ritzy vocabulary: Adjective and adverbial the superlative degree need attention most forever, most importantly, the most popular... the biggest of...

4, factual enumerate vocabulary: Key and main factual sex interest are after these vocabularies, actually, in fact, as a matter of fact,etc.

5, at the back of ordinal word, the most important is The first, firstly and finally.

6, modal verb: Sb.has got to, can , could, may, might, need,should, ought to,etc.

7, important adjective: Express important speech, important, crucial, chief,major,significant, the only, unique, essential, necessary, vital, etc.

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