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For reference guideline: 4 class exam inscribes calendar year English really hig
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University English 4 class vocabulary and grammar, be over form fill a vacancy is inscribed with check of all kinds phrase and fixed collocation attach most importance to a dot, these phrase and match in reading understanding, interpreter and writing to also have main effect, so here tries of all kinds phrase to classify for the center with syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech, so that help everybody study and memory. These phrase and fixed collocation are in not only 4, in 6 class exam crucial, they also are check focal point in exam of English of graduate student enter a school.

One, substantival phrase and fixed and tie-in

of noun of 1. preposition +

By accident accidental

On account of because, as a result of, for... cause

In addition to is additional, together with

In addition is divided... besides ( returns )

In the air circulates in

On (the / An) average presses average, normally

On the basis of basis, be in... the on the foundation

At best at best, at most

For the better improves, develop to good way

On board is on boat ( car or plane )

Out of breath is suffocative come

On business on business, on business

In any case anyhow, anyway

In case of if, if happen; Guard against

In case if, in case ( in case )

In no case anything but, anyhow not

By chance is accidental, scratch

In charge (of) is responsible, manage

(a)round the lock keeps day and night

In common is common, mutual

In conclusion is final, anyhow

On condition (that) if

In consequence of because... cause, because of

On the contrary antipodal

In contrast with / To and... contrast rises, with... form comparative

Out of control loses control

Under control is in control under

At all cots at all costs, anyhow

At the cost of with... for cost

In the course of is in... in the process, be in... during

Of course of course, natural

In danger is in danger, dying

of Out of danger out of danger

Out of date antiquated, unused
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