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Renown division talks about university English skill of audition of 46 class exa
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Inscribe an analysis really: ( is the following and analytic by famous 46 class coach expert: Mr. Li Yong complete is offerred. )

1. A) The man could buy a shirt of a different color. B) The size of the shirt is all right for the man.

C) The size the man wants will arrive soon. D) The man could come some time later.

( answer A. Solution inscribes skill, there is mark word Could, different in A. In C, the dialog is the last the word is Size, wrong answer common trap. There is word of All, dialog penult in B, love becomes wrong answer. Li Yong of division of 46 grade name offers pilot of Beijing navigation, Beijing completely. )

M: I like the color of this shirt. Do you have a larger size?

W: This is the largest in this color. Other colors come in all sizes.

Q: What does the woman imply?

2. A) The woman is watching an exciting film with the man. B) The woman can ' T take a photo of the man.

C) The woman is running toward the lake. D) The woman is filming the lake.

( answer B. Solution inscribes skill, there is Can in B ' T take a photo, meaning as it happens is textual " Run out of film film gave out " Photo, Film agrees with crossing-over. A-D has Film( to speak amid of last word ) , wrong answer is common trap. C still has Run, lake to hear, the possibility of heard more fault is larger. )

M: Look, the view is fantastic. Could you take a picture of me with the lake in the background?

W: I am afraid I just ran out of film.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

3. A) It ' S quiet in the restaurant. C) The restaurant serves good food.

B) The price is high in the restaurant. D) The restaurant is too far from their school.

Navigate of Beijing navigation, Beijing division of 46 grade name: Li Yong is completely analytic:

( answer A. Solution inscribes skill, there is Quiet in A, meaning as it happens is textual " Get away from all the noise " Photo, Film agrees with crossing-over. Two words hear the Food, restaurant in B, c is disturbed, did not mention in the dialog. The School, restaurant in D is heard; The possibility that has heard more fault is larger. )
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