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On-the-job unripe Hua Zhongke a major programme of lasting importance calculates
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Resume: Male, 83 years in December, technical secondary school, computer major, graduation hind kept school teacher and student 2001, take as an elective course takes an examination of specialized subject and computer major to rise only oneself after this. The portion began preparative take an examination ofing to grind in July 2005, enter oneself for an examination the software theory direction of university of Hua Zhongke ability, cross of all previous classics, nevertheless at long last somewhat behead is obtained, always divide 372, each section grade is as follows: Politics 76 English structure of 71 several one 122 data 103. The second-round exam will be over on March 22, although be half-priced,admit, but already be perfectly satisfied. In the preparation of half an year the process has gotten the help of a lot of people, include a net to go up of enthusiastic good friend, one's deceased father grind of senior fellow apprentice give directions enthusiasticly, also want to combine oneself personal experience so, try to offer the lesson of a few fronts or opposite to everybody, the character does not have strength, also not dare harangue, it is when pell-mell summary goes out only, the welcome takes a brick.

1, collect information

I will begin attention take an examination ofing to grind June information, that paragraph of time resembles hitting CS addiction to plan over everyday euqally almost the school, professional, adviser, and particular research way, little of course not the course of the success that sees others or failure. The summary that proves this paragraph of time later and fumble let me take a lot of roundabout way less later. But 1.1 want to remind surely grind friendly, those information are referenced property, including word of my this Duan Wen is to telling others inside, never believe completely also cannot not believe fanatically among spending me to think great master is adult, ah, need not emphasize again.

2, choose the school and directional

Taking an examination of before grinding, must be opposite oneself actual strength estimates somewhat, do not underestimate oneself to also do not want him overmeasure. I think can evaluate from the following respects: The await result when going to school before your individual, cold heat that you choose newspaper school major, the most important of course is you can take out review time. Will tell with respect to my individual, moxibustion hand can heat up the computer of the Hua Zhongke ability that enter oneself for an examination, had not sufferred campus actual strength to be able to be imagined, but my advantage is it is OK to begin me from July systemic a person's mind is devoted, everyday study can reach the limit. But the situation of everybody is different, I not dare absurd character. But, if you feel a certain school is very appropriate, that should hesitate again with respect to scarcely. I had seen a lot of grind friendly, still be to October all the time over there choice, affect professional tax directly review.
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