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6 final examination grind experience clew successor -- politics does not sign up
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7 years take an examination of grind to had ended, I failed, but still accumulated a few experience, the decision draws up come, return what preparing to learn younger brother to learn younger sister to make reference to those.

What I write is the question that the closest people asks me, the viewpoint also is the viewpoint of myself. Can serve as reference merely so, final decision still wants everybody to decide according to his circumstance.

Problem one: The newspaper takes entrance examination

This problem should make a decision before June, otherwise time can have not enough time, because different school is professional class and reference book are different, about the problem of the school, without doubt, it is most good with this school one's deceased father. But you must have thought whether you are content with, if you plan to take an examination of a year only, still had better be this school so, but if you plan to declare two years, it is the first year to be able to sign up for an a bit better school actually. Such, in case not successful, still can be retreated and beg next, this school of the 2nd annals.

Problem 2: Enter oneself for an examination professional

The graduate student's major differentiates more finely, think those who cross major to did not discuss, because such classmate has thought commonly, greet to such classmate incidentally, after all such courage is not everybody has.

If your hobby is mixed your professional good major (include good obtain employment, the meaning of good prospect) just in time is same, then you should try hard to go only, but if differ unfortunately, you were about to consider well. Those who do not have interest is OK develop interest, and so called " good " also can change as the elapse of time, but if so called good major is you,detest, suggest do not waste time, arrived probably finally, because your meeting looks not to go in book time insufficient and abandon taking an examination of grind. Interest is best teacher, and detesting is the obstacle with best study.

Problem 3: Professional class reviews

I want to put this in the first, because because I despised professional class,my failure this year is completely, as a result professional class takes an examination of be in a complete mess.

Of professional class review above all must fine, remember, without the key, without limits, want what write on the book only, it is a key. If you are taken an examination of, is minor school, so you come down book back to agree to will surely get tall cent. But if you are taken an examination of, is similar National People's Congress such top-ranking school, you read a lot of books besides bibliography with respect to need, include the paper of your adviser the last few years. This school that had better want to enter oneself for an examination in you looks for a person to ask well. A lot of results that review reference book to go up are the former word on the book merely, take an examination of National People's Congress so such school was not to get tall cent for certain.
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