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English quarrels necessary 100
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You let 1. You make me sick! really I am disgusting!
2. What ' how do you answer S wrong with you? thing?
3. I ' M very disappointed. makes me disappointed really.
5. You ' Re a jerk! you are a trash / mix a ball!
6. Don ' T talk to me like that! does not talk with me in that way !
7. Who do you think you are? do you think who you are?
8. What ' how do you answer S your problem? thing ah?
I am fed up with 9. I hate you! you!
10. I don ' T want to see you* **ce! I do not wish to see you again!
11. You ' Re crazy! you became mad !
12. Are you insane/crazy/out of your mind? did you become mad?
13. Don ' T bother me. is fastened irritated I.
14. Knock it off. comes to this one less.
15. Get out of my face. from disappear before me!
16. Leave me alone. goes away.
17. Get lost. scram!
18. Take a hike! where is cool where is resting to go.
You enrage 19. You piss me off. dead I.
20. It ' S none of your business. involves your fart issue!
21. What ' S the meaning of this? what meaning is this?
22. How dare you! you dare!
23. Cut it out. saves a province.
24. You stupid jerk! * of your this clumsy!
25. You have a lot of nerve. face is really thick.
26. I ' I was tired of M fed up. .
27. I can ' T take it anymore. I was overcome! (Mr. Li Yang is commonly used)
28. I ' Ve had enough of your garbage. I am bored your gibberish.
29. Shut up! shuts up!
Do you think 30. What do you want? how?
Do you know 31. Do you know what time it is? now when?
Does 32. What were you thinking? your brain drink water?
How can you say 33. How can you say that? so?
Who says 34. Who says? ?
35. That ' S what you think! just thinks in your brain then!
36. Don ' T look at me like that. does not look at me in that way.
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