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From get up to go out

1, good morning!

Good morning.

2, did alarm clock ring?

[B]Did the alarm clock go off[B]? (Got off) the meaning that is alarm clock noise

Did the alarm clock buzz?

Did the alarm clock ring?[/B][/B]

3, should get up

It ' S time to get up

It ' S time to wake up

It ' S time to get out of bed

It ' S time to get ready

4, get up quickly!

Get up soon

5, you woke ?

Are you awake

6, you are uncomfortable ?

Are you feeling sick

7, sleep well?

Did you sleep well

8, can you help me put out alarm clock?

Would you turn off the alarm clock

9, you rose eventually.
You finally got up

10, today is a fine day!

It ' S a nice day

It ' S a beautiful day

It ' S a wonderful day

It ' S a great day

Did you stay up late last night?

Did you stay up late last night

Did you got to bed late last night

Had folded the quilt.

Let ' S fold up the futon

Yesterday evening you snored.

You were snoring last night.

I made a terrible dream

I had a nightmare.

You did not black out all the time.

You left the light on.

I must wash a face

I have to go wash my face.

Should eat breakfast

It ' S time to eat breakfast.

I still am being stranded

I ' M still sleepy.

I return gape

I ' M still yawning.

I am an a person who goes to bed late

I am a night person.

21, I am to use coffee to come life-giving

Coffee wakes me up.

22, I comb do up one's hair

I have to comb my hair.

23, it what wear is good to what wear?

What should I wear?

24, change clothes quickly

Hurry up and get dressed.

25, bedgown put away

Put those pajamas away!

26, I went, mom

I ' M leaving. Mom!