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Geminate and didymous English phrase
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Back and forth will be answered back and forth

Bed and breakfast accommodation adds breakfast

Cap and gown(coat) garment cap

Fire and water extreme misery

The human body of Flesh and blood flesh and blood; Body

Heavy and light weight

Iron and steel iron and steel

Land and water is terraqueous

Night and day day and night

North and south north and south

Off and on is desultory

No matter Old and young is old little; Everybody

Old and new is new old

One and only is exclusive

Rain or shine no matter Yin Qing

Rich and poor end is rich

Right and left left and right sides

Twos and threes in twos and threes

You and I we

Part and parcel substantial

Give and take equality is exchanged; Compare notes

Mock and satire fleer

Rain and wind harships

Aches and pains anguish; Unwell

Bag and baggage out and out

Brothers and sisters sibling

Fair and square justice; Conscientious

Far and away undoubtedly, affirmative ground

Far and near far and near; Everywhere; Far and near

First and foremost above all

First and last in general; Basically

Fish and chips blast fish and potato

Free and easy is relaxed and comfortable; Informal

Wife and children wife

) of good and evil of Good or ill anyhow (

Hale and hearty is hale; High-spirited

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