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4 degree profit still is fraud name division greatly Zhi Zhaoying language learn
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The countrywide university English June 2007 4 class exam has ended, the analytic review that social all circles takes an exam to this also blots out the sky and cover up the earth and come, the viewpoint also is to commend differ, the author thinks from the exam the angle besides talks about 4 class exam again.

If " hold university English 4 class take an exam, is benefit is more than fraud or fraud more than benefit? " if as debate topic discusses, the author's footing as before as before: To major undergraduate, benefit of 4 class exam is more than fraud. Reason is very simple -- this exam place reflects " 3 force " , have general promotion effect to the English study of the numerous students in pyramid.

1, sanction. What use in a lot of universities is " the type that put a sheep " self-study, and the nature that laziness is the mankind, a lot of students issue professional class to be paid attention to rarely in rambling atmosphere, english study more have no way is mentioned. If lost the general sanction that 4 class take an exam again, so partial undergraduate can quit English study thoroughly, bedraggled drop 18 years old, 22 years old of English of this paragraph of study " gold period " . Of English the gift of tongues be short of break, say natively to the university of core competition ability is being lacked originally on obtain employment market, it is one disaster after another necessarily.

2, exam force. A famous educationist once had said " assessment also is one kind grooms " , the author special approval. The motivation that because of the pressure that exam itself brings OK and rapid translate into learns, good part is for this more fragile to containing power classmate. And, life namely examination room, a person should live to be able to face countless exams socially only, the exam is the content of a life that we must face. The study power that the exam can enhance us, think force, communication force, perseverance and fight control capacity.

3, learn force. Classics of all previous of exam of 4 class English vicissitudes of life of 20 years of harships, already special and mature, it is a kind of science inspects examinee " hear read write interpret " the exam of 5 big classical the gift of tongues. Of calendar year of exam of 4 class English " true subject " it is precious scientific document, be worth deepness of broad English learner to dig. The language is grasp this one thing and you'll grasp everything, same exam also is grasp this one thing and you'll grasp everything. If everybody can use scientific and efficient method to gain the tall cent that 4 class take an exam, be fear of no longer to language and exam later undoubtedly, the gift of tongues and exam ability can promote considerably.

Of course, any exams are not perfect. Itself of 4 class exam is put in a few problems as before, we want learn a lesson, avoid as far as possible. Hope everybody does not want blind to take an examination, should hold in the arms " study the first, exam the 2nd " state of mind shares 4 class exam. In the meantime, the trend giving a title that will take an exam this on June 23 and rule should cause the reflection of broad examinee:
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