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Study English wants successive, cannot be eager to hope for success. Want to raise English level cogently, be about to grab solidly from the foundation. listens, say, read, keeping 4 fields is the basics that learns English, very important. But my experience is: is a foundation with reading, drive each respect to rise in the round. is right read for, I feel of material it is very important to choose. What I begin to choose is " English is read quickly " , also had used later " advanced English reads a tutorial " get on below two. Because these two chirography cut diversity into parts, space accident is appropriate, and introduced method of a few quick reading, deserve to corresponding test is inscribed.

My method is: The first use read quickly, write down next removing to stop namely time, in read process attention height is centered, the fling that uses an eye will rise read rate; Jump over first to individual new word, an overweight is right complete the understanding of a central meaning. the 2nd, full text of again careful read through, new word and use of a few fixed collocation and convention learn in this process, experience wonderful statement carefully. such, can use reading material adequately, augment vocabulary, enhance language sense, enlarge knowledge, accomplish with one action to be gotten more. is read, be expand and consolidate the good method of the vocabulary. When just entering a college, I feel my vocabulary is too small, be eager to wanting to enlarge a vocabulary. I ever had tried to carry nomenclator on the back, but feel very quickly to be done so already take time is arduous, as dry as a chip and drab, and as a result of the only mechanical meaning that remembered a word, lack language environment, cannot consolidate in time again, forget so quite tall. I used later this kind " the word does not leave sentence " the method that accumulates a vocabulary in read. Because pass context to understand, what acceptation writes down is clear, and understanding is accurate. I accumulate these words to the word this getting on, put beside, use a few scattered time to be remembered repeatedly, deepen impression. If insist for a long time to read, can consolidate in reading a process again memorial word, learn new word again at the same time. Develop ahead like such snowball, imperceptible middle term collected a quantity to expand, and also can retain firm. I use such reading method, those who pass the first times is fast read, took exercise to read rate, gradually nurturance read a habit goodly. takes an English stuff when me, above all very fast read, the report on the horse in brain gives the inattentivegeneral idea of the article. Such reading the habit is very old to my help. for instance, the English original data that we use in professional class has enough time impossibly one word read through, but must fast and accurate hold every paragraphic substance, the quick reading method that I acquire helped me big. again for instance, understanding portion is read in what encounter in English test, several articles are read to reach inside limited time of the regulation finish several problems, can feel time is used not quite sometimes, or read the article, the outline of the article is lacked in brain, to concerning a few issues of Chinese chapter gist the answer does not come up. insists to read an exercise as a result of me, took exercise to read speed and savvy, so, answer this kind problem with respect to handy.
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