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Good English is " read " come out
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Shanghai of authorized committee committee member translates standard of new course of foreign language of middle school of whole nation of Ministry of Education deep of yellow source of adviser of doctoral student of domestic association vice-chairman

Southern net dispatch learns any languages to need a large number of reading. Study English also needs a large number of reading. English learns to get nice person, say commonly, had read quite quantitative book; Conversely, also read so that compare much person only, ability learns English truly. Although this truth is simple, but many people that learn English however may not is clear. Nowadays, a lot of people are fond of become a subject, think this is the right way that learns English. The exercise that does as a result book another, examination questions collect another, do dizzily, interest is devoid, english level rises without materiality however.

study English should do proper exercise really. But I think, in the final analysis, good English is " read " those who come out, not be to do an exercise " do " those who come out. "Read " the English that come out is pure, natural, depend on because of the person that use those who hold is " language feeling " ; "Do " the English that come out often flows at curt, because of the person that use it is to depend on " syntactic regulation " hard " do " .

speaks of read, people thinks of in spite of oneself " mug " . If understand these two words to read,need spends time, also justifiable. But if think reading is very bitter certainly, have joy rarely, that is off base. However, learner of current very much English inspects English to read the thing that it is suffering, often must not do it soon. The teacher lets a student read bit of English material, resemble taking Chinese traditional medicine to child child, need is holding nose hard fill to go down. Natural result also won't good.

reads English ought to relaxed and happy, OK also and relaxed happy. Want to accomplish this, the choice of reading material is principal. That is to say, should choose vivid, interesting, rich appeal and can inspire mental material (or book) . This reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects has the following common characteristics: One, readability is very strong, let a person produce reading desire instantly, once begin, put no less than coming, won't feel learning English is heavy burden. 2, the look is legible, can't well arise read an obstacle. 3, conduce to enlarge intellectual face, raise artistic appreciation.

as to reading method, my view is read at a heat go down, even if has individual word in the way, want not to affect the understanding of integral content only, need not stop consult a dictionary, should not see good sentence stops to be copied surely more. Because can interrupt train of thought in that way, the influence reads rate, strangle reading interest even. Do not think read a book did not note below a certain term or a certain sentence is not to have earning. Main purpose is in reading to be absorbed at the language go up " exert a subtle influence on " , depend on acquiring language move. Read need " quantity " , without many language " input " , learn English hard. And the quantity of input of language of English learner just of our home is too little, of course sendout is fewer. The result is gone to toward get half the result with twice the effort.
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