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Psychological expert: How should the child learn English
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The language is the window of child thinking, represented the level of child psychology development, the parent pays close attention to the development of child the gift of tongues very much, add what interact external nowadays to increase increasingly, everybody pays close attention to the study of child English more, for example, education of English of school of English of bilingual nursery school, Cambridge, a flight of stairs is waited a moment, for a short while the whole people learns English, begin to learn English from baby, the effect after all good, grow to the child's intelligence what advantages and disadvantages is there?

Learning a language as a child is good undoubtedly to mastering this language, but is the key the child should be in inchoate and main what language to master? It is to master good parent language above all of course. Language expert considers to make clear: The brain that becomes the child busies master a language, if overtrain, inevitable meeting inhibits the development of ability of abstract and logistic thinking, so, the gift of tongues the child with strong, good foreign language, maths, physics study often very demanding however, study result slants division. So, cannot train the child's the gift of tongues blindly, limitted the development of other ability instead.

The parent thinks language training conduces to the intelligence that raises the child, however, psychologist considers to make clear: The person's intelligence is ability of attention, observation, memory, imagination, thinking and operation ability is integrated. When children is having intellectual activity, these a few kinds of ability are producing his effect. And the development that the development level of every kinds of ability can affect other ability again, affect the development of whole intelligence even. For example, the attention of a child is poor, cannot center on a thing well, so, he cannot watch a thing seriously, cannot remember the feature of the thing well, cannot produce complete imagination, cannot undertake successive thinking more, so, some parents become aware his child looks is quite clever, can study result namely not ideal, because what the child's attention does not cause centrally,be actually. Psychologist undertakes training in the study ability to the child when, the intelligence that wants exam child develops level and attention to center degree, undertake having the training of specific aim next, is not the training that pays attention to a language only.

When the parent is training child the gift of tongues, hard to avoid should pay attention to the education of memory, let the child bear ancient poetry, sign a lot of words, write down a map to wait, but often oversight the child is other the education of ability, so, text of some children back is very fast, but indissoluble its meaning, do not think, not to be pooh-poohed thinks. Some parents take the child seriously to read, write, the ability education that calculate, however carelessly the operates ability training of child hand, affected the education of the development of ability of child abstraction thinking and self-confident heart so, still meet influence child get used to social ability.
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