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English " go regular " how to say
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If compete year key word, bubbling with noise because of Zhang Yu incident " go regular " be sure on a list of names posted up famous. "Go regular " it is recreation encircles a heart to know abdomen in fact bright the big fear that never wishs to be defeated by disclose again however. Recreation encircles " go regular " how be conveyed with English? Visit dispatches from foreign news agency please a paragraph relevant repay:

The aspiring actress Zhang Yu decided to choose the Internet to blow the whistle on some of China's top TV and filmmakers -- those who have dem

Zhang made films herself by releasing 20 graphic sex videos of her and a host of big names. The videos expose how China's casting couch works.

With respect to Chinese character, recreation encircles " go regular " the nice Nelly that belongs to wording faintness. Substantial, spoken parts in an opera, it is actor and director between go to bed and allocate the exchange of the part.

In dispatches from foreign news agency " Casting couch " encircle with recreation inside " go regular " be exactly the same, those who point to is " go up to beg lens, actor (be forced) with sexual intercourse is changed between the director " . Will look with respect to literal, casting points to " (director) choice actor " , couch points to " (try lens indoor) deck chair " . From this, "Casting couch " the meaning does not pass apparently again: If want to go up lens, must get sign up for with body photograph on deck chair.

broad sense, "Casting couch " (go for what trade with the gender regular) not just industry of entertainment of bureau be confined to, it can point to any industries in, to apply for a job person exchange for seek opportunity and the sex between the person that recruit.

In addition, still have in Chinese blame with " quality " be denotative meaning " go regular " , for instance, some doctors violate professional ethics to patient collection red bag, right now, "Go regular " usable extensive changes a vocabulary " Hidden rules " will convey.

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