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I and son learn English
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The person that is born seventies generally has such feeling mostly to learning English, the ability that the English that learned a few years hears of still stays on the level of Good morning. Often see people says fluent English, I envy, pledge secretly in my heart right now, also cannot let the child weigh skip answer idea again later.

English is a kind of language, it is tool of a kind of communication, I think education learns the effect earlier to had been jumped over. My child conversation is particularly late, two weeks of half ability can talk, when he still won't talk, his pa bought English of a big favour to him, hear that lively music when the child, alter the rhythm of feeling, and wonderful English accompanies a singer, gladly happy to dance rises, two little hands keep be being beaten on the table as musical rhythm. At that time I also no matter the child is understood, insist to be put to him everyday on 1 to 2 hours, the child does not sit to be looked at then certainly, sometimes the mouth when he is playing a toy also is in keep groaning, after hearing period of time, I quiz to him the animal name inside and the sentence inside, won't on the card that I keep a piece of Zhang Zi to make, one have time I take him to look, a few months come down in big favour English hardly what new word, the sentence inside you say to him, he also can come to a few to going up, every time when he says to be opposite, I should praise him in time, this more the interest that increased child learning English, he never also is criticized when missay, I am again and again says before him only, say to be opposite till him till. The child often progresses a bit, I resemble the child to cheer together with the son euqally, in the son hundreds of English words already can be spoken when 3 years old, with a few simple day everyday expressions. I was bought again later a few small do not choose English CD, TV watchs together with the child when doing not have a thing, learn together. To him I signed up for an English class to him again when 4 years old (round-the-world English) , already acquired now YC and 4, the child of 5 grade a class, learning also is perfectly. The child already was in now conciliatory 2 Xiaoshangyi grade, learned vanward English, ascend English again, as it happens and education of the English before learning join went up, learn to rise quite relaxed also. Every morning the first thing opens a recorder to listen namely " hear e.g. comic dialogue every day " , listen in the evening " relaxed appear in one's dream is popular " , listen in the school plus child playtime, the teacher asks the child communicates with English and them as far as possible, english progress of the child is very great. Gradually I discover the son is grown, listen to Pan Ying or Dishini when animation, he is met those won't put listen to relapse mainly; Sometimes he moves back and forth English card, also can classify them, for instance: Put those who eat together, use put together, saw bub can have learned.
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