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English reads a method to ask with answer
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Chinese generally speaking English reading capability is very strong, but still a few main problems often perplex everybody. A few corresponding settlement are below method.

1. Ask : I can read newspaper with very rapid rate, but the inattentivegeneral idea that not clear literary works gets after been read.

Answer we chase : rarely the article on the press of word ground con, because it and our life is not had,hinder greatly. We take the kind that browse normally, read where to calculate. When we browse the press article that writes with mother tongue, we are done so, also can deal with. Even if is reading the article that writes with our mother tongue, want to complete understands it and remember its content, we also must be added fully careful. You can try the following method:

L) do not try to read a piece of whole English newspaper. You can choose the one text that you are interested in, read carefully.

2) read slow. You can need not read some article with splitting speed. Chasing after you without the person. You can think with you appropriate rate is read go down.

3) when be being read, write down the clou of later development chapter. When reading each paragraphs of script, want to remember below each paragraphs of content that discusses clou. You were not necessary to understand each word, but must capture overall meaning. Notice the join pattern between the sentence, so that you can capture the masterstroke of perforative full text.

4) when reading, make some of note, the likelihood is more helpful.

5) after reading an article, can tell oneself or others your view to this article.

2. Ask : is read quickly have why hang?

Answer we have : each oneself think to read rate naturally. Some people read rate some faster. But a bit must remember: If you cannot understand to also cannot remember what you read the article content that pass, so the sort of also be without a meaning quickly. When reading a foreign language, a lot of making that we decelerate read the factor of speed: For instance, the difficulty of article topic; Have the word that understands hard or the sentence with syntax complex structure. What we need to remember is, read not congenial reader, our read rate also each are not identical. Mastering quick reading marrow is how to go oversight those unnecessary information, and the information that remembers those are important. For all that, your read means and speed to because the property of the article differs with your reading motive,still be met. Accordingly, should think to be read with the speed of good understanding aptly with oneself go down.

3. When asking : is read, I like to read phonate. This is a bad habit, because of after reading, I do not stress article inattentivegeneral idea. How I raise me read capability? Is save one's breath is read read a habit goodly?

Answer : I very when suspecting you are reading Chinese material, whether be also to be recited aloud? I do not believe you are done so. So when you are reading English material, why to want such? Of one mind cannot 2 with. If you put energy in phonate to read, you can ignore the meaning of content of your place reading naturally. Sole purpose practices phonate reading namely English pronunciation. If you are,read, so phonate is read cannot be taken!
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