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Novel of foreign language original reads skill and strategy
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Tell the truth , is in of original novel read respect , I am not ace although , has Chun Chun of a lot of teacher to taught him , to also be bought lent novel of a lot of original , in me the , in impression is done not have read well originally

March to original novel again as a result of 2 need him , outside of late . of cat of my a few 3 horn oneself read skill and strategy auspicious narrate following , to hope everybody tall person gives directions falling...
1. why to read original edition novel  
Wanting to raise , of foreign language level to read original novel truly is to need the road , no less than of classics is not everybody like can becoming foreign language past master, , is not everybody can have perseverance to read N I admire the .( of this original novel especially entrance guard , can wave a <

2. fundamental conditions  
The control with syntactic : accurate system is syntactic . basically if , is E, high school this were achieved after graduation
Lexical : skilled vocabulary > 2.5k, cognitive vocabulary > 5k  
Reference book :   of a C-E,
An E-E, perhaps replaces , with Wen Quxing but the remembers the effect and vocabulary retrieval that acknowledge of vocabulary of ---- of my preference dictionary learns to point out , vocabulary time positive closes ( I read French , now by 3 D, F-C,F-E,F-F)  

, of 3. select material benevolence person see benevolence , with respect to my individual character , my preference is medium now I chose a work ( now the honor of the < father that a Marcel Pagnol wrote 1957 > , 280pages)  

: of job of 4. early days
The evaluation .   of the world of , of life , work that searchs encyclopedia or corresponding reference book , to understand an author

5. reads medium lexical study :
D, is checked to recite new word account in time in the , on the notebook again after reading 6 pages(6X225=1350 word ), to come up against New words to do mark , to be read first in reading a process everyday ( I now most those who be afraid of is this , can quit ???)  

6. how to read  
I prepare subvocal , the habitual , that this is me is recited too cost used up , extensive reading also interpose of no point , floats at essence of life between  

7. read what  
I basically study the use of vocabulary of . of its vocabulary collocation is the most difficult , in the language for instance usage countless , is in the , of the simplest à of a preposition in , French there is several pages , on large D why same words and phrases arrives with respect to , of full of vim and vigour in at hand of a person of academic or artistic distinction
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