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Living it is for the child not just
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Living it is for child   not just
goes to a hospital several days ago, the child connection summer vacation that coming up against female doctor to give his in busy move coachs class, morning is English, afternoon is art, I ask the child is how old, doctor snatch a little leisure from a busy life: The top class in a kindergarten. I can't help be child complain of suffering, female doctor says: "Do not sign up for be no good, others signs up for, my child also cannot be defeated to go up in the scratch line. " Oh, pitiful maternal him ! business can be put down, but the child can not suffer little absolutely so called delay. 
can say, in most mother heart, living it is the child namely, they can handle the work, deal with a friend, deal the man, deal with oneself, alone dare not handle his child. Once the woman made a mother, often maternity blows hard, whole situation is devoted, whole life contrail, turn round the child namely. 
Although is in below such shelter, what may the child accomplish, but the mother had fluctuated in child body fully kongfu, also want naturally what to get from which. The child is small do not make her burst into fury flexibly, say to the child, this why is not a kind of anguish, small age, be about bear is worn double hope, oneself add a mother, because this has child deep feeling: Love also is a kind of anguish sometimes. 
actually, a mother that turns all round round the child is a competent mother anything but. A competent mother, should tell the child with the action, the person should be responsible to his life; Should tell the child with the action, the person should resemble what his lifetime passes an appearance; Should tell the child with the action, oneself life is successful. Yes, as the mother, we cannot be the child merely and living. 

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