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The advantage of enlarge child
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Jiangsu province learns in city of solid of tall honest county since last year, insist to collect the student's advantage, dig flashy dot of the student, weekly collect and the person that Zhang Bang announces student a week to be worth to praise and thing. This action gets not only the welcome of children, also got concrete result. Solid city middle school rolls out this one " see student advantage with magnifier " practice, the purpose should be revealed namely and magnify the advantage of every child, help them look for a self-confidence, health grows, be worth us to be drawn lessons from in school education and even domestic education. 
fine character a 3 winters are warm, to the child's objective, positive assessment, it is one of main factors that the child forms from confidence. In education, we should see the child's weakness already, should be good at discovering the child's virtue more, institutional affirmation, praise and appreciate child, make the child becomes better and better in affirmation and appreciate. However, in daily life, the education that a lot of teachers and parent think the child needs erroneously however is example guides with penalty, look to the child's advantage, good qualities in the eye, happy event in the heart, maintain one's composure, and the defect to the child and mistake, criticize at every turn, censure, punish even. They did not realise, without affirmation and appreciate, the child is complaining with self-respect and self-confidence are lost in criticism, can affect mental health, produce a few undesirable action possibly even. 
ever had a scholar to appeal: "Even if all people look down on the world your child, do father and mother answer the eye contains hot tear ground to admire him, embrace him, praise he. " really, of childhood aid financially praise, change the growing contrail of a person probably. Let us no longer the word that grudge praises, affirm the child's good qualities, the advantage of enlarge child, establish the child's self-confidence, let affirmation and appreciate become the development child creativity, activator that quickens the child to grow. 

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