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Why is God predestined relationship Zhao Benshan
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This year 51, attend the marriage dinner of one friend, midway has a few children to perform a program, among them one does not know how learned to rise actually " Zhao Benshan sells abduct " , amuse those present belly laugh. And on May 4 Nanjing is little a when channel holds " little talent contest " in, also appeared unexpectedly such camera lens. 
not come singly but in pairs, the elementary school on my wife brother's son 6 grade, say according to him, since in the center of this year the essay of the Zhao Benshan on get-together of stage Spring Festival fire later, their class goes to school Zhao Benshan be garrulous had not stopped, "Your flicker what ? " male fellow student says, female classmate also says. More let a person feel those who indissoluble is, I son of those 9 years old sees TV grab a remote controller with me all the time, but see a short simple literacy or artistic creation, especially essay ( of Zhao Benshan has a TV station almost everyday, insert among sow advertisement ) , the opinion is in breathed in reach consistent, "The jest that is Zhao Benshan " , he looks to still learn Zhao Benshan to walk at the same time at the same time, "Lose do not have an individual " , " see you a galley proof " ... Leng Buding's son still can appear the actor's lines of a few Zhao Benshan, listen so that the wife becomes very happy: "My son also is met humorous. " 
teenager He Zhi " funny " flavor ? serves as chase after astral a group of things with common features, the objective that they pursue is green God clique commonly handsome male beautiful female, how is eyeball locked up at a draught decided Zhao Benshan ? fine fine consider, besides individual consequence of Zhao Benshan, still have  of ? of a lot of anything else
these year, like a raging fire of creation of drama of movie and TV, in the ascendant, but what say by conscience it have a few again is good to have a few again is little the drab film such as cartoon of ? of a list of plays, puppet show already let children " aesthetic exhaustion " , they hope pressingly to be able to resemble old people same, the work of can see those who reflect their cultural life is good drama of subject matter movie and TV that studying. But open a screen, walk into a cinema, they often are met disappointed and return. How many do all sorts of of all kinds evening party, matches have again little dimensional ? ases if Chinese child is big, although a few special subject
The gender is little the program also is changed in the adult, some was moved toward even commercialize, vulgarization, this lets children in virtually childishness ages, colourful world is dim and blank. See each each star, typical cases again, how many having is little ? is pretty good, they are in adventitious phase, their plasticity is strong still, but the boyhood of everybody is brief, do not let them experience the value that exists to oneself and joy in this phase, waited for them to become a youth to make a contribution again, its meaning is to having what differ constitutionally ah ! 
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