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The name chairs common heart godchild
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The name chairs  of common heart godchild
-- write down the 6th 10 beautiful parent of Nanjing city square square 
chooses an activity in the 10 beautiful parents of the 6th Nanjing that just end in, the name that we see there is to be familiar with in list of 10 beautiful parent -- square. Yes, he is Nanjing city famous master of ceremonies square, the broadcasting station of Nanjing economy broadcast that he ever chaired " midnight heart bridge " column and chair in city TV station now " law spot " the column gets of broad Nanjing citizen love. 
serves as a famous compere, the job is busy degree cans be imagined. But just just hold to from beginning to end however busy li of snatch a moment as far as possible give attention to two or morethings is excellent front courtyard, do not forget to regard father's responsibility and the feeling to the family as investment. His family ever was judged to be 5 good families, his daughter also is the outstanding Young Pioneer of health of a body and mind. 
child, must have a healthy interior 
just just says, so old make an item, see the life case that hears a lot of misfortune. He discovers the unpleasantness with a lot of vivid life, basically concern with their insalubrious psychology. So, just just be opposite the daughter's greatest desire is, the daughter can become health of a heart, the person of life joy. He does not allow class of take lessons after school or work of course of the what on the daughter, he thinks a person has good quality and the capacity that can live in the future and live, be by each respect element integrated and become, need to be accumulated slowly from inside the life, is not to rely on what textbook knowledge can obtain to the child to complement ceaselessly only. To a few study that should try, just just look very weakly, he falls very the character that cares about daughter child to be an upright person. The life concept of he and wife is " be kind to others to be kind to his namely " , be opposite only others is good-tempered with the heart
Put the person of love, ability gets the esteem of other and love, just also can get pleasure. So the two love that pay attention to pair of daughters very much foster husband and wife, want organic meeting only, just just can let the child attend sex of a few commonweal to serve an activity: For instance, unit organization shows love activity to old person of orphans and widows and welfare courtyard, for impoverished unable to go to school activity of fund of female Tong Juan, he lets a daughter grow up to attend together accordingly. Square square oneself still aided financially a poverty daughter child, let daughter and her make friend, go seeing this every time female child, the daughter is met gladly oneself new toy, will new books and new clothes belt go. And, return the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift oneself to take her to pay the tuition fee. Square square wife also is an enthusiastic person in the life, very big also to the child's influence, she treats the old person in the home particularly filial. The daughter looks to be written down in the eye go up in the heart, little heart is very little sow went up to love the sincere feeling with happiness: The grandma spends birthday, she can take out the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift from personal scrape up secretly, the lily that orders a bundle of beauty sends her; She can remember mother's day actively, discuss to buy a lipstick for mom with father; Young associate spends birthday, she also can be written down keep a piece of greeting card. 
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