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"We are proud, we know a daughter "
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"We are proud, we know a daughter " 
-- parents of Chan of pace of outstanding girl Xue is communicative  of  of Yo female classics
" my school Gao Sanxue gives birth to Xue Buchan to received university of Er of American case Lin Nai to admit an announcement recently, win sum scholarship. It is reported, the student that wins scholarship of this school sum this year the whole world in all 7 people. " be in not long ago, transmit the message of this resounding Jin Ling from school of Nanjing foreign language. Xue Buchan, another outstanding girl, her growing secret is what ? her family education recipe is  of what kind of ?
perserves, gold has the  when glow eventually
The father Xue Zhong Qing of Xue Buchan assumes office now at university of Chinese drug family, he sees emphasize again and again after the reporter: "Xue Buchan is a common girl only, in the school she cannot say be best show, the person that just has preparation seized good opportunity. Her growing experience and other child do not have too big difference. " Xue Zhongqing says, of the daughter common from her Lian Qin's course sees one spot. 
Xue Buchan begins Lian Gangqin in 5 years old of half, at that time is 1993, on 10 thousand yuan piano to labour firewood estate they can be a not small numbers, and their housing has 16 square metre only at that time, buy a piano to come back to mean the bed that wants a half step Chan to pull down. And the most important is, once piano is bought, everyday exercise must final, the daughter can hold to these two consequence told ? couple her, half step Chan still is interest is not decreased. Then, piano is redemptive, half step Chan also began to sleep fold bed, build in the evening everyday, close in the morning. 
inchoate is fresh, excited strong go very quickly, half step Chan and all children that learn musical instrument are same, be practiced be being tormented interest is devoidly by as dry as a chip, iteration foundation, and the finger strength move of half step Chan is wronger, used a year of much time to just be corrected. "Had cried at that time, had been troubled by, want to abandon. But we tell her, at the outset of come to an agreement or understanding, once chose, also want practice again painstakingly to go down " , memory says Xue Zhongqing, "That paragraph of time, we drill to let her musical instrument, thought all sorts of way, encourage her, promote her, develop her interest. "  this one practice is more than 10 years, had stayed a course one that when go to the United States making culture communication namely year. "More than 10 years ah, she still is the student with least suspend class, litres those who include to deciding a destiny is small first, in when taking an examination of, parents is taking Xue Buchan to return a class, this kind holds to very few somebody to be able to be accomplished. " the student that Mr. Zhou Xiaofeng that will 10 years hold the position of Mr. Xue Buchan piano all the time speaks of him and its parents not without admire. Mr. Zhou tells a reporter, bu Chan did not show talent of how many music in one's childhood, arrive all the time 6 grade, in study pressure very big case falls, she still can return a class every time very good, he just discovers the excellent point of this child. And in in take an examination of that one year, xue Buchan passed piano again the exam of 10 class. During second year in high school goes to the United States becoming culture communication ambassador, also because of remarkable piano performance technical ability, and was recommended the choir of the school is held the position of accompany, this also is much city of division Luo La a choir of the most negative great reputation, often attend the large concert in the city. More than 10 years, half step Chan learned musical instrument to experience amused -- the task that finish -- hate to part with abandon -- the course that produces achievement move. 
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