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The 6th " 10 beautiful parent " choose
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Parent ” selection activity ends the 10 beautiful of the 6th “ of Nanjing city that teach the unit couplet such as committee of the generation below bureau, care to do by our newspaper and Nanjing city the Women's Federation, city satisfactorily a few days ago, the authoritative appraisal of the commissioner of just and voting, expert that passes wide readership, 10 outstanding parents such as perilous peak of Ding Changping, Feng Xuebin, Li Bo, Liu Sanmei, Shen Guoqing, Luo Ling, Xu Rong, Xu, Xia Guangqing, Duanmu Wenlin are smooth. 
In obtaining chosen 10 beautiful parent this, have a trader, have a teacher, have a soldier, have enterprise white-collar, no matter these parents pursue what profession, the Yo that they hold to science, reason concept; As outstanding parent, they are richer to the child love, patient, oneself more be goot at learning; Their purpose also very be interlinked: Hope the child becomes health of body and mind, quality it is admirable, certain to have the ability, person that has contribution to the society. 
Except choose a “ beyond 10 beautiful ” , still chose 100 good parents of Nanjing city this (list sees) is seamed in 1—4. Our newspaper this period front page is special reported famous master of ceremonies of city of 10 beautiful candidate, Nanjing square square domestic education, we still will be opposite after this in succession the achievement of outstanding parent has a story.

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