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The diary complex of a father
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The diary complex  of a father
Yang Heping, announce of the Anhui province Chengsizhong Chinese teacher, a father of 9 years old of boys. In the life, hold him what have double pedagogue capacity concurrently, use a heart all the more on educational issue of the son. Since the first day of the elementary school on the son, yang Heping begins to guide a son to keep a diary. Nowadays, the child already wrote down 15 diaries this. Look in Yang Heping, godchild keeps a diary, it is the writing skill that teachs the child to observe the life, expression lives not only, it is to teach the child a few truths that be an upright person more. And in day after day in holding to, the good convention of child nurturance, exceeding perseverance and even more close, harmonious parentage are Yang Heping more very “ is complacent the results of ” . Diarial process is kept in godchild in, yang Heping also left father and son with diarial form record the two dribs and drabs about “ diary ” . The article picks take Yang Heping “ my teaching child keeps the share in diary of diary ” series, with period to all walking the parent in godchild journey is inspired somewhat. 
Passing 10 days again is father's day, here, we show deep respect to Yang Heping and the father like all Yang Yang peace! 
Original when, the child still won't write, do not know a diary to need what to write down more. I am the body that crouchs my almost, stand in his height, the eye that uses him sees the life, help the issue that he is worth to be written down in advertent life, often help title of his protocol diarial even. Sometimes, a of early morning big mist, the “ that also can become our father and son talks endowment ” , and the son resembles what ” about “ mist all bold envisage, became content of a diarial finally. such, held to a semester about, the son had known him to observe the life, oneself go choosing diarial theme. 
Keeping a diary is a very alone spirit labor, begin from last semester, my decision and child share happiness and woe, keep a diary together. After holding to period of time, just when I feel a kind apparent listless when, the son felt the effect of example from inside my earnestly practise what one advocates however, in the home everywhere “ sides with ” I, let me get encouragement fully. A few diaries that I often also keep me look to the child, a kind of communication of since and child, also be one kind sets an example, 2 people still had undertaken our father and son keep diary competition, progress jointly in the community check hardships, process that experiences sweetness, the force of the travel before each other are become. 
Raise a level to help the child, later, I adopt written means and him to undertake face-to-face communication. The diary that I should keep him everyday almost is printed come out, write a paragraph of reply to him next. Point out the advantage in be being written down the other day, undertake aggrandizement; Speak him to expose exposed issue, the help is corrected; Communicate the result that be an upright person, guide grow. 
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